November 2016

Re•new•all Quarterly Update


From the Committee's Table:
As Chair, I am so thankful for the contributions and commitment of the members of the Renewall Committee. Each person has faithfully attended the meetings and willingly volunteered for the various tasks. Doug Sprunt, Kevin Gay, Jake Warren, Gabby Gay, Paul Gosse and Bernie Fast receive a “tip of the hat”. However, despite the work of these and many others, our efforts would be in vain if the Lord did not bless and provide the necessary guidance. SLWC does need new and upgraded facilities. The needs of families, seniors, campers and retreats have grown. In order to address the requirements of the various groups, the Camp Board has initiated this Capital Campaign (2015 – 2018). The facility needs of SLWC are a secondary reason to raise funds for these projects. The mission of SLWC is “to make and shape disciples and followers of Jesus Christ”. This is the only reason to consider the upgrades. We must “Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness “ (Matthew 6:33) and all other things will be added, or fall into place.

The Renewall Committee requests your prayer support not only for our work, but the deliberations of the Camp Board and the leadership of the Executive Director - Paul Gosse.

“New“ Committee Member: Congratulations to Gabby and Kevin Gay on the birth of their son Judah. A big SLWC welcome to this fourth generation camper!

Silver Lake Gala 2016:

On September 17th, over 140 people gathered in the tabernacle to celebrate the Lord’s leading and blessing of this ministry. Gail Ryan, Judy Dow and their team had the reception area and tables beautifully decorated in a harvest theme. All attendees had the opportunity of a complimentary family picture being taken by a professional photographer. Doug Sprunt was the MC and the worship team from Kemptville’s Southgate Community Church, led by Joel Vandasselaar, led us in inspirational music. Lynette Rooney, Michelle MacIssac, and Ben Last were interviewed as to how SLWC has impacted their personal and family’s spiritual growth. The sumptuous buffet was co-ordinated and provided by Aimee Gosse and her hospitality team. The evening concluded with a Communion service led by Pastor Bert McCutcheon. Paul Gosse led a brief devotional. People were in no hurry to leave and expressed their appreciation for the atmosphere of worship. Thank you to all who joined us!





Administrative Report


As of September 30, 2016 the Renewall campaign has received cash of $153,854.42. Together with outstanding pledges of $74,821.40, the total for the campaign to date is $228,675.82. Our Renewall donor base is comprised of the following:


Impact of renewing our infrastructure - While the formal Renewall campaign was kicked off in 2015, renewal of the Camp’s infrastructure has been ongoing since 2008, with the arrival of Doug and Rose Tatton followed close behind by Hanny and Joan Branscombe.

In the following 8 years up to 2015, a total of $365,144 in capital improvements was made to the Camp. The most significant impact this has had on the Camp has been the growth of our rental / retreat business. Before these improvements were made, even our own District Conference hesitated to attend Silver Lake. We are now on occasion turning away groups as our calendar is approaching full. Perhaps most interesting is the size of groups we can now host and the fact that by insulating the dorm rooms, we have extended the season. Case in point was our ability to host the Power to Change retreat this fall - 241 attended for the weekend of Sept. 30th to Oct 2nd and they plan to return next year.

The chart below shows how this growth has occurred since 2007.

*As of October 24, 2016



Silver Lake has partnered with AWP to be able to provide you with free access to their estate planning services, as a gift from us. Their goal is to help Christians manage their estate in a way that promotes biblical stewardship by ensuring your funds are supporting causes that reflect your beliefs, and minimizing the amount lost to government taxes and fees. To find out more about AWP and why others from SLWC are using their services to support charities around the world, visit our website or call 1-866-336-3315.

Yours in Christ,

The Re•new•all Capital Campaign Committee
Les Jewell (Chair), Bernie Fast, Doug Sprunt, Gabriella Gay, Kevin Gay, Jake Warren & Paul Gosse