A very dedicated, committed group voluntarily serves SLC at the Board of Directors. Generous with their time, knowledge, energy and financial means, they continually strive to ensure the integrity and forward movement of the camp.


About our Board

We are blessed to have many volunteers to help us with our Camp! Our board members are approved by the DBA, and serve a 3 year term (can be extended). Our new board members start their term in September of each year.

A Special Welcome to our Newest appointed Board members:  

Karen Gilks, Rick Hiemstra, and Jim Wilkinson

Our Board Positions

Board Chair: Bernie Fast - Appointed by the District Board Administration (2006-present)

In alphabetical order:

  • Assistant Director: Hanford Branscombe (2008- present)
  • DBA Representative: Rev. Bert McCutcheon (2014-present)
  • Executive Director: Paul Gosse (2016 -present)
  • Secretary Representative: John Ryan (acting Recording Secretary)
  • Treasurer: Ross Chapman (2016-present)
  • Members at Large: Ross Chapman, Karen Gilks, Rick Hiemstra, Rob McIntyre, and Jim Wilkinson

Getting to know our Board Members

 Bernie Fast  Bernie Fast (Board Chair)

One thing I like about SLWC: Music coming out of the tabernacle!

Home Town: Maberly and Aylmer, ON
Home Church: Sunnyside Wesleyan
Family: Married to Susie, blessed with 2 children Lloyd married to Hildie (grandkids: Isaiah and Liam); and Arlie married to Eva (grandkids: Joshua, Naomi, and Gabriela)
Special Interest: Making Music (Piano) / Picture Puzzles / Gardening
Work/Career: Retired - 33 Years civil servant; 4 years meatpacker


  Bert McCutcheon  Rev. Bert McCutcheon (DBA Representative)


One thing I like about SLWC: Music Camp and Our Cottage

Home Town: Roblin, ON
Home Church: Roblin Wesleyan
Family: Married to Dawn 
Special Interest:Trumpet
Work/Career: Pastor Roblin Wesleyan Church


 Ron McIntyre  Ron McIntyre (Member at Large)

One thing I like about SLWC: Busy times and quiet times

Home Town: Stirling, ON
Home Church: 
Belleville Wesleyan
Married to Bonnie, blessed with 2 children, Mark married to Tina, and Angela married to OJ, and 3 Grandchildren Sarah, Matthew and Ava
Special Interest: 
Playing Drums


Ross Chapman  Ross Chapman (Treasurer)

One thing I like about SLWC: You make friends for life!

Home Town: Ottawa, ON
Home Church: 
Southgate Community Church
Married to Allison
Special Interest: 
Golf, Financial Markets, and Hockey
Business Analyst


  Rick Hiemstra (Member at Large)

One thing I like about SLWC: I love that Silver Lake provides people with a place to meet Jesus for the first time and to be encouraged to grow in their faith.

Home Town: Stratford, Ontario
Home Church: 
Sunnyside Wesleyan Church
Married to Beth, blessed with 4 children, John, Anna, James and Peter.
Special Interest: 
Learning French and German
Research and Media Relations with the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada


  Karen-Ann Gilks (Member at Large)

One thing I like about SLWC:The sound of children laughing and having fun

Home Town: Kitchener, Ontario
Home Church: 
Arnprior Wesleyan Church
Married to Gary, blessed with 7 children, 15 grandchildren, 4 great grandchildren
Special Interest: 
Fishing, Sens and Blue Jays Fan
Promotional Business Owner


  Jim Wilkinson (Member at Large)

One thing I like about SLWC: It is a great place for people of all ages to experience God in a natural, rustic setting.

Home Town: Bannockburn, Ontario
Home Church: 
Madoc Wesleyan Free Methodist Church
Married to Janice 46 years, blessed with 3 children, 6 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren 
Special Interest: 
Volunteering as a cook for school kids and as a driver with the Lions Club
Retired from B.C. Ferries